Discover the Generama !

There are many models of blank family trees, but only a few can be spread over ten generations on a small support.
The Generama is the only family tree rising up to 10 generations, in direct ancestral line with horizontal reading

Generama's benefits

Générama: l'unique arbre généalogique 10 générations lisible et complet

Compact: 10 generations on a smaller support than 1 m2 support 
Easily transportable, and storable
An horizontal reading up to the 10th generation
Fixing with brads to remove or add sheets at will

All-inclusive :
10 generations with both parental branches
Enough space to write information such as B,M,D dates and locations for each 1023 ancestors

Generama's dimensions

Folded Générama: 11" x 15"
Unfolded Générama: 22" x 30"

Size cells (input boxes):
- From the first to the 4th generation: 2" x 1,2"
- 5th generation. : 1,4" x 1,2"
- From the 6th to the 8th generation: 1,6" x 1"
- 9th generation: 1,6" x 0,6"
- 10th generation: 1,6" x 0,4

                         How does it work?

The Generama's inside cover allows you to position the five first generations

The following ones are placed on removable upper sheets: each ascendant of the 5th generation has his own sheet.

A revolution in genealogy with a 3D family tree !

Some examples :

Discover few illustrations of an authentic and filled Generama (4 views).
Click on the picture to zoom!
  • Générama :pied de l'arbre (générations 1 à 4)
  • Générama: Générations 2 à 3
  • Générama: Générations 6 à 10
  • Générama: 10ème génération

How to fill it?

You can use any kind of pencil to fill your Generama.

To practice, you can start with a lead pencil.

We recommend the "Fineliner - Pigment Liner" by Staedtler (sold here).

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