Discover the Geneventail !

The circle chart and fan chart are the most common genealogy's representations for their practical aspects.
However, they show two disadvantages:
- unfoldable (must be roll before putting away)
- it makes you feel dizzy (you need to turn it around for reading the contents!)

The Geneventail is an ascending family tree of 10 generations to record 1023 ancestors.
Made of 8 pieces, you can fold the Geneventail and turn it as you want to read it easily.
With its peacock color case (format A3), you can bring it wherever you want.

Générama: l'unique arbre généalogique 10 générations lisible et complet

How does it work?

The first half of the central circle represents the first and second generations. Under it, a full circle shows the third generation. The 4th to 1Oth generations are presented on eight sheets.
All of those pieces can be pivoted about an axis. 
You can fold the Geneventail's branches as you wish to read partially or completely your family tree.

  • Généventail partiellement ouvert
  • Généventail fermé
  • Généventail déplié
  • Pochette couleur

A unique reading comfort

  • Visualisation quartiers paternels
  • Visualisation quartiers paternels

The Geneventail is readable in any position.
The half circle (presenting yourself, your father and mother) is revolving on either side of the second one (including paternal and maternal grandparents).

To look your paternal branch, you just have to turn the half circle to the right, and left for the maternal one.

To avoid any mistakes, the paternal and maternal branches have their own numbering and borders (blue or green).